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17 August, 2012

My Picks for Postgres Open 2012

by gorthx

The schedule for Postgres Open is out!

Here are the talks I’m planning on attending:
Range Types in PostgreSQL 9.2 (Jonathan S Katz)

Large Scale MySQL Migration to PostgreSQL (Dimitri Fontaine) because I love case studies

12 Calm Years of PostgreSQL in Critical Messaging (John Scott) another case study

This is PostGIS (Paul Ramsey) <– 'nuff said

If I wasn't giving a talk at the same time, I’d be going to High Availability with PostgreSQL and Pacemaker (Sean M. Thomas)

Of course, I will be attending the Lightning Talks!

Super Jumbo Deluxe (Josh Berkus)

For the next few sessions, I’ll require a coin toss to decide between:
Deploying Maximum HA (Denish Patel)
Scaling Postgres with some help from Redis (Josiah Carlson)

Query Logging and Workload Analysis (Greg Smith)
DVDStore Benchmark (Jignesh Shah)

The penultimate session is going to be tough to choose. Today I am leaning toward A Batch of Commit Batching (Paul Geoghegan)

To wrap it up, I want to hear about PG Extractor – A Smarter pg_dump (Keith Fiske)

I’m looking forward to the hallway track & meeting old & new friends. This was a really good conference last year & it’s not too late to register. Hope to see you there!

10 August, 2012

Speaking at Postgres Open

by gorthx

I’m speaking at Postgres Open again this year! I’ll be giving an updated version of my Intro to Logging talk.

Come by early registration (aka “pub registration”) Sunday evening and say hello.

3 August, 2012

First Foray into R

by gorthx

I was talking with [name redacted] about a side project the other day and he said “OMG you’re still using *gnuplot*?” So I figured I’d better get with the program and learn some R.

Luckily for me, Portland has an R users’ group, and they held a hackathon/workshop last week, newbies welcome. They’re a good group of people & I heartily recommend the workshop night. Special thanks to Homer for the personalized help and suggestions.

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