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9 December, 2008


by gorthx

(This is on solaris, no -N option to diff for me!)

This produces the easiest-to-read diff IMO:
diff -btu [oldfile] [newfile] > patchfile
-b = ignore blanks
-t = preserve source indentation
-u = 3 lines of context with the + and – in front of changed lines

But the -t option interferes with proper patch application, so just use:
diff -u [oldfile] [newfile] > patchfile
…where oldfile is the file you want to patch, and newfile is the file with the changes you want to apply.

patch -b -p0 < patchfile
-b = make a backup ;)

If you are asked for the filename to patch – you probably don’t have the depth set right with -p.  Try increasing it.

If you get the message “Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected!”, somebody messed with your stuff between creating the patch & applying it, OR you did the diff backwards (common Monday morning mistake.)