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27 October, 2010

My picks for PgWest

by gorthx

I’m getting excited about next week’s PgWest! I’m having a hard time choosing which talks to attend, though – lots of good stuff happening in conflicting time slots!

Here’s my current list:
Tuesday a.m. tutorials:
Normalization workshop or GUCs.

Tuesday p.m. talks:
9.0 on Virtualized Environment
The Query Planner

Wednesday a.m. talks:
Mining Biological Data or Performance Pitfalls

Wednesday p.m. talks:
Streaming GIS [ note – Aurynn’s Postgresql and node.js talk is interesting – we had a preview of it last week at PDXPUG ]
SF’s Street Address Management System
Using the PostgreSQL System Catalogs or MVCC Unmasked (although I may need a stiff drink for that!)

Thursday a.m. talks:
Temporal Data Management. As I’ve mentioned before, Jeff Davis is always up to something interesting, and I have a particular project in mind for the temporal datatype.
I really can’t decide between Liberating Your Data From MySQL and pg_upgrade. I’m getting a lot of questions about porting data from MySQL to Pg, and it would be nice to have a good solution for that, but at the same time I’m really interested in hearing about pg_upgrade. Might require a coin toss.
Righting Your Writes
Pg 9, the Other Stuff
Deployment Best Practices

Hope to see you there!