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19 October, 2012

My “dev” environment

by gorthx

I’ve been using VMs a lot lately at my new gig. (VMWare, which is a bit slow and crashy for me on the mac.) It’s nice to know that I can muck about with things without having to worry about possibly having to completely rebuild my machine.

Here’s my standard minimal setup, when I’m building a VM from scratch:

Install OS (usually CentOS or Ubuntu), then:
– create a user for yourself if you did a server install
– add yourself to the sudoers file :)
– my personal .rc files

Additional apps/setup:
– VMWare tools:
./ –default
(sometimes seems to require a restart)
– monofur
– configure your terminal profile
– synaptic/yum package manager
– any updates
– vim, if it’s not already installed
– Ubuntu: gconf-editor, then fix the dang window buttons!
– ntp
– git (include command-completion – obtain from repo)
– wireshark
– rrdtool
– trapgen
– latest postgres

Important notes:
You have to re-install VMWare tools after every kernel upgrade.
Snapshots are *not* backups, you actually don’t want to keep them lying around.