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25 August, 2010

Net::Ping permissions

by gorthx

While Net::Ping::External neatly maneuvers around Net::Ping‘s root access requirement, sometimes you want to use a feature of Net::Ping that Net::Ping::External doesn’t provide, such as getting ping response time. (Net::Ping::External is a bit slower; timing it doesn’t provide adequately accurate data for me.)

You can ask your sysadmin to allow you sudo access to a script that uses Net::Ping, but that sometimes leads to file ownership issues.

There is another option available, provided:
1. You are using Solaris10
2. You have a pretty good relationship with your sysadmin.

Request that your sysadmin add net_icmpaccess to your entry in /etc/user_attr, as described here.

Log out & log back in to activate your new perms, and voila.