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8 November, 2013

nook Simple Touch 18-month review

by gorthx

I’ve had my simple touch for well over a year now, and I’m still pretty happy with it, especially since I’m traveling a bunch.

Initial review
6 month review

Updates on specific issues:
– I haven’t had any further problems with mangled print; I suspect that was a feature of the particular material I was reading.
– I never did get ebrary to work correctly, but my library doesn’t offer that anymore anyway, so it’s moot.
– I said I would purchase one again (and they’re going for about $70 right now), but I’d rather get a kobo just for philosophical reasons. I like the “open ebook format” idea.

Speaking of kobo, yes you can read kobo books on your nook. You just need to download them in the Adobe epub format, and use ADE to load them. (This works just fine with Wine on Ubuntu.)

My library offers two e-lending options: OverDrive (the new incarnation of library2go) and 3M Cloud Library. They’re both now searchable from my library’s catalog and from their respective websites, which makes finding stuff to read much simpler.

I prefer OverDrive because it’s more straightforward to use.

Downloads from the 3M Cloud Library are quirky and very slow (sometimes taking multiple hours), and the app crashes frequently. I haven’t tried running it on Windows yet; my problems may be due to using it with Wine. You do need to use 3M’s app to download books to an e-reader, as the web interface doesn’t do this.

Library2go used to provide a way to “return” ebooks before the lending period was up; no more. 3M doesn’t allow that either. If you are particularly voracious you will bump up against the 5 item limit in short order. Checked-out materials become unreadable on your device once the lending period is up. (Other e-lending solutions I’ve tried allow you to keep reading the book until you re-sync your device.) This left me stranded 30 pages from the end of a book I was really enjoying. Boo.

The nook itself has started getting a bit flaky: the touchscreen randomly doesn’t work, and sometimes the hard buttons cause it to skip ahead multiple pages. I cleaned it with a soft toothbrush & eyeglasses cloth, as discussed here, and that seems to have cleared it up[1]. If not, there’s always the option to take it apart and put it back together again.

One strange thing I’ve noticed is ADE shows a lot of “missing” books that don’t show up on a regular directory listing of the nook. They seem to be duplicate file listings; even if I delete them through ADE, they show back up next time I connect the nook. Still trying to figure that piece out.

1 – This is what happens when you take electronics camping.

28 September, 2012

Nook Simple Touch: (almost) six-month review

by gorthx

So, I’ve had this thing for a few months now, and it turns out I’m using it way more than I thought I would. I love traveling with it – it beats the heck out of carrying a book around. I take it camping, too.

I made my own screensaver with a bunch of images I converted to greyscale in The GiMP.

I also use it to store my current knitting pattern; just export it to .pdf and load it on there!

– the ‘home’ button (the little ‘n’ at the bottom) was already getting a bit beat up at the one-month mark, and I also scratched the screen pretty quickly, because I just threw it in my handbag without a cover. Don’t do that.
– powering it completely off and back on frequently (e.g., for the required “please fasten your seatbelts and extinguish all portable electronics”) seems to suck out the power.
– I can’t resize images in the books, at least I can’t figure out how to do it. This is a drag when I read books with photos or maps.

Finding books is still a problem. I don’t like purchasing a lot of books (even though they’re not physically on the shelves, it’s like I can feel the clutter) and the options through my library are not yet wonderful. library2go (aka Overdrive) still has a sucky website, and the .pdfs I get from ebrary don’t transfer to my nook correctly: all I get is the copyright page, over and over.

Other than that, :thumbsup: from me. Would purchase again.

27 April, 2012

Nook Simple Touch: initial impressions

by gorthx

I received a nice little bonus at work earlier this year, and instead of SAVING! IT! ALL! like my mother would have me do, I put most of it aside and decided to use the rest on a new toy. I’d been eyeing e-readers for a while; I thought they’d be great on camping trips. My main hangup about e-readers was that I’m a die-hard library user, and my local library has no support for linux users of e-readers.

Then I read this and decided I could probably figure it out.

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6 April, 2012

Ubuntu + wine + ADE + nook + library2go

by gorthx

I’m pre-empting my promised posting about Cisco SLA syslog messages (it was a bit of a disappointment, anyway) to post the steps I took to get my nook to download a book from library2go [1].

I had to try a bunch of different things (links at the bottom) to get this to work. The basic procedure is:
– Install Wine (the windows emulator).
– Install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) under Wine.
– Configure Wine so ADE can see your nook.
– Visit the library2go website & check out your chosen reading material; it downloads as a .ascm file.
– Open the .ascm file with ADE; you can read it in ADE if you want (ew)
– Use ADE to transfer the book to your nook.

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