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10 October, 2016

PgOpen 2016 recap

by gorthx

It’s been a few weeks now since we wrapped up the most recent PostgresOpen in Dallas.

Marianne Bellotti’s keynote was a fantastic and very interesting look into the current state of government IT.  I hope we get to see her at more conferences!

Other quick highlights:
– 2ndQ has a running beta of WordPress on Postgres! (Simon’s keynote)
– Early decisions by the Postgres team (e.g. to spend time working on subselects) directly resulted in my choosing Postgres over MySQL a few years later. (From Greg Stark’s “A Look at the Elephant’s Tail”)
– Keith Fiske (“Managing OS Provided PostgreSQL Packages”) gave a rundown of the vagaries of using Pg packages on different OSes, something that has occasionally driven me around the bend.

I got the most bang for my buck from the combination of Magnus’s Haganders “A Look at the Elephant’s Trunk” and Denish Patel’s “Advanced Postgres Monitoring” (slide deck here). Denish has a thorough list of metrics you should collect, and there are some changes coming in 9.6 to pg_stat_activity that may break current monitoring scripts that use it.

(Also: I am VERY EXCITED about pg_stat_progress_vacuum!)

(And I learned that NumPy is pronounced num-pie and not “rhymes with lumpy”.)

Bonus speaker tip: Many years ago I was in a talk in which the presenter asked “Does everybody understand [x]?” When noone responded, he continued “Just in case we have some people here who are too shy to raise their hands, [x] is…” and gave a brief explanation, enough for newer folks to follow along for the rest of the session. This is an excellent inclusion tactic. Scott Meade demonstrated another way to handle this situation: “So we’re at level set, [x] refers to …”

Thanks to our attendees, speakers, and sponsors for making this conference what it is. The committee is meeting this week to make plans for next year.  Watch the conference website and twitter feed for updates.

10 August, 2012

Speaking at Postgres Open

by gorthx

I’m speaking at Postgres Open again this year! I’ll be giving an updated version of my Intro to Logging talk.

Come by early registration (aka “pub registration”) Sunday evening and say hello.

20 September, 2011

PgOpen recap

by gorthx

Another excellent conference from Selena!

I went to almost all of the talks I intended; there wasn’t a dud in the bunch. There were others I wanted to see as well (in particular Josh William’s “Monitor the Heck Out of Your Database”) but I don’t have the ability to be in two places at once yet. Fortunately, there is video feed; unfortunately, it requires silverlight, so I’ll have to wait until the video’s ported to its final location. Meanwhile, slide decks are available for most talks on the PostgreSQL Wiki.

My top three recommendations are:
– Vanessa Hurst’s Honey I Shrunk the Database, in which she discussed copying, slicing, and mutating your data. Which sounds a lot like what I used to do with DNA (which is, after all, also data.) I also learned that you can pass multiple tables to pg_dump -t (sometimes, the best bits are those little side tips you pick up in people’s talks.)
– Stephen Frost’s Finding Slow Queries and Fixing Them. Top tip for me from this talk: if you have slow DELETEs, try indexing FKs that depend on that table – otherwise you’re doing sequential scans on the tables affected by any CASCADE options.
– Bruce Momjian’s Unlocking the Lock Manager, although you should probably have already seen his “MVCC Unmasked” talk, which I haven’t.

Check them out when they come to a conference near you.

I also learned a lot in the pub track, like I finally understand why TRUNCATE is so much faster than DELETE FROM table [1], and of course came up with silly ideas, like implementing query hints in the form of “warmer…warmer…colder…warmer…” and installing Pg on a router. Which, oddly, came up in two completely unrelated conversations. Must be a sign.

What’s more, I had a fine time in Chicago to boot – even got to do a little bike tour along the lake before my flight out on Saturday. I have next year’s dates on my calendar and will definitely be attending.

Something I’d like to see at future conferences: an “Ask the Expert” or “Pg Helpdesk” group discussion/hackfest/learning lab where people can get help with problems. I’ll be thinking about how to make that work, and suggest it for next year.

1 – DELETE FROM table deletes the individual rows; TRUNCATE removes the file from disk and just re-creates the table, and is therefore faster. Thanks, Aaron!

4 May, 2009

This Week in Geekville: Barcamp!

by gorthx

This was my first Barcamp. I’m sad I couldn’t make it to all of Saturday’s sessions – they looked great!

I only made it to two talks. First, Peter Eschright’s “Rat Salad” talk, which, I admit, I was attracted to by the possibility of gross stories. (I have some, being a former employee of CFSAN myself*.) We had an interesting discussion on what software development industry can learn from food safety initiatives.

Next up, my session on munin. (Which is pronounced “moonin”, like the thing you do on the Barfly bus.) I was hoping to find other users to discuss it, but that seemed to be what everyone came to the session looking for too. Next time I will just do my standard network management intro talk & review of tools. This was too specific for Barcamp, I think.

Igals’ TrainPorn session was next on my list, but I got sucked into Audrey Eschright’s “Creating Awkwardness” on my way through the forum. Lots of discussion about circles of friends vs circles of trust, how to protect your information, and of course some tales from the trenches (my favorite part.)

The beer ran out 30 minutes before my “How to change a flat” session. One should never attempt bike maintenance without beer, but we did anyway. We had a bigger crowd than I expected. Thanks to @robotadam for being a spokesmodel**, and @shawnzyoo for the backup!

I finished up with an intro yo-yo session from @pdxyoyo, and only hit myself in the face once.

It was fun meeting people I’ve only been hearing about. :) Thanks to Cubespace for hosting & providing yummy yummy food.

Coming up next week, apparently I’m participating in the QA talk at I’ll be the one wearing a red shirt.

* My copy of the “Food Defect Action Levels” publication is a big hit at parties.
** Pun intentional.