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22 November, 2013

My Current “Most Useful” Android Apps

by gorthx

I’ve only been using CamScanner for a month or so, but it’s already saved me at least an hour of dealing with a flatbed scanner. It’s very easy to photograph, crop, convert to B&W, convert to a .pdf and send them off to someone (or share via DropBox or some other method). I recommend doing the short tutorial to get a feel for what the different icons mean.

The MultcoLib app was really slow when it was first released, but has improved dramatically. Search, hold, renew – all from your phone!

Much-awaited by Portlanders, the TriMet Ticketer still has some quirks, not the least of which is that some bus drivers don’t seem to know what to do with electronic tickets. Still, it’s super-convenient if you’re stranded somewhere. As long as it wasn’t Tri-Met that stranded you there.

I started using CardioTrainer to record my running workouts after my iPod nano died1. It really grew on me – I get a map of my route, it works for a variety of activities (running, mt biking, hiking, house cleaning2), it interfaces with a HRM, etc. Unfortunately, the only way to get access to your raw data (if you haven’t rooted your phone) is to upload it to the Noom website and use their export tool. This doesn’t work with my phone (HTC One), and the company has no plans for further development. So I’m looking for an alternative, because I really like being able to fold, spindle, and mutilate my data myself. etc Strava is completely unacceptable, for reasons I won’t go into here.

The Android Ravelry app Ravulous is the only paid app I have right now; I think it’s a dollar or two, and totally worth it for those spur-of-the-moment stops into the LYS. It does have some quirks:
– you can’t access your favorites
– you can’t update projects with * in the notes (known issue, see the Ravelry forums)
If you like to take a lot of WIP photos, I recommend getting the Ravelry Photo Uploader as a companion app.

1 – More about that in a later post.
2 – No, seriously.