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18 August, 2014

My PostgresOpen schedule

by gorthx

We had so many good submissions for Postgres Open this year, we had to make some very difficult choices. While I haven’t quite achieved Dan Langille’s (of PgCon fame) level of conference-running zen and rarely get to all the talks I’d like to see, here are my picks:

The PostGIS tutorials. I am really excited about this tutorial, and that Regina Obe and Leo Hsu will be at our conference!

Bruce Momjian and Vibhor Kumar’s NoSQL on ACID (plus pizza and root beer!) Most everyone knows who Bruce is, but you may not know Vibhor – I got to work with him at EDB, and he’s very kind and always had answers to my most obscure questions. This tutorial is free, but you have to register in advance. If you’re coming to the conf early, this is a great thing to do on your first evening.

Denish Patel gives great presentations, and I’m looking forward to learning about Pg on RDS from him.

Streaming replication was first introduced in 9.0. Simon Rigg’s Pg Replication Overview will bring you up to speed on the new developments since then.

You can read the 9.4 release notes or just go to Magnus Hagander’s talk.

I’m really interested in the tools that Gleb Arshinov used for his customer retention analysis use case.

Jonathan Katz’s data types tour has had rave reviews, and I’m glad he’s giving it again here.

Jeff Amiel’s Monolithic Query Syndrome talk looks educational and entertaining.

I can’t decide between Sehrope Sarkuni’s Audit logging talk and Gary Seiling’s discussion about immutable data. (Note: if you are new to Postgres and configuring its security features, I recommend pairing one of these with Sarah Conway’s introductory talk on Thursday.)

Full text search is a hot topic right now.

I will almost always choose a monitoring talk over any other topics, so Shaun Thomas’s collectd and graphite talk is on my list.

What’s the state of Row level Security in Postgres? Go to this talk by Stephen Frost and find out.

John Melesky is a fellow PDXPUGer and always bring interesting problems to the table. This time he’s talking about partitions.

It’s not too late to join us in Chicago!