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26 August, 2011

This week’s tips

by gorthx

Two things I learned on accident this week:
vim: when your cursor is over a number, ctrl-a increments it. (Members of @pdxhackathon tell me that ctrl-x decrements it.) Not sure where I’ll use it, but it’s interesting.

IOS (the Cisco kind): ‘sh run’ and then ‘/[string]’ to search is way faster than ‘sh run | include [string]’.

Also, a few weeks ago, I upgraded my production systems to PostgreSQL 9. A seamless transition, as usual. So far the only thing that’s tripping me up is the change to d [viewname] (see the release notes) – you now have to use d+ [viewname] to see the queries a view is based on. Just a matter of training my fingers to do something different.

I also discovered how to drop multiple columns from a table in a single statement:
ALTER TABLE tablename DROP COLUMN column1, DROP COLUMN column2, DROP COLUMN column3;

I don’t know if that’s new or I just figured it out (and I’m too lazy to go look up the release notes to find out right now), but I like it.

26 February, 2009

Fun with ctags

by gorthx

A while back I’d created a Perl module to hold two “odds & ends” subroutines that I used in a lot of my programs. I gave it the unfortunate name of “”. Of course, it lived up to its name & grew over time to contain many more functions; I should have just named it and been done with it. I decided it was time for a cleanup, and I split everything out into more appropriately-named modules. But then I had the problem of what to do with existing programs that referenced I could have just loaded all the new modules, but that seemed messy. I had to have a way to figure out which functions each program used & thus track them back to their shiny new module. jshirley suggested I try ctags.

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13 February, 2009

vim tidbits of the day

by gorthx


:grep [regexp] [file list]

vim will then load the files that match the regexp & position the cursor on the matching line.

use :cn and :cp to move between instances of the match.

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