PgOpen 2014 – quick recap

by gorthx

Many thanks to the speakers, my fellow conference committee members, and especially our chair, Kris Pennella, for organizing the best PgOpen yet.

(Speakers: please upload your slides or a link to your slides to the wiki.)

I came back with a big to-do/to-try list: check out Catherine Devlin’s DDL generator, familiarize myself with the FILTER aggregates in 9.4, make a web interface to the PDXPUG talks db (on a tiny little heroku instance), re-do the examples from the PostGIS tutorial, etc. Plus apparently I have a tiny little patch to write (flw). Many thanks to Denish Patel of OmniTI and Will Leinweber of Heroku for the personalized help sessions.

All in all, it was a wonderful conference & I’m looking forward to 2015’s version. If you’re interested in being on next year’s committee, let us know at program2014 at


3 Comments to “PgOpen 2014 – quick recap”

  1. Thanks for the tip on DDL generator. Sounds like it was a good conference. Are there going to be any video of the talks available?

    • Hi Adrian! It usually takes a few weeks to get the videos processed & up. If you follow @postresopen on twitter, there will be an announcement when they’re ready.

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