Nook Simple Touch: (almost) six-month review

by gorthx

So, I’ve had this thing for a few months now, and it turns out I’m using it way more than I thought I would. I love traveling with it – it beats the heck out of carrying a book around. I take it camping, too.

I made my own screensaver with a bunch of images I converted to greyscale in The GiMP.

I also use it to store my current knitting pattern; just export it to .pdf and load it on there!

– the ‘home’ button (the little ‘n’ at the bottom) was already getting a bit beat up at the one-month mark, and I also scratched the screen pretty quickly, because I just threw it in my handbag without a cover. Don’t do that.
– powering it completely off and back on frequently (e.g., for the required “please fasten your seatbelts and extinguish all portable electronics”) seems to suck out the power.
– I can’t resize images in the books, at least I can’t figure out how to do it. This is a drag when I read books with photos or maps.

Finding books is still a problem. I don’t like purchasing a lot of books (even though they’re not physically on the shelves, it’s like I can feel the clutter) and the options through my library are not yet wonderful. library2go (aka Overdrive) still has a sucky website, and the .pdfs I get from ebrary don’t transfer to my nook correctly: all I get is the copyright page, over and over.

Other than that, :thumbsup: from me. Would purchase again.

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