PgOpen Recap

by gorthx

Another year, another excellent conference. This go-round was even better than last year’s.

There were lots of new folks at the conference this year; welcome to the community!

I made it to most of the talks I’d planned to, and of course came away with lot of ideas for things I want to try at home, such as the examples from Jon Erdman’s lightning talk about pgdump -Fc.

My fave was Dimitri Fontaine’s Large Scale MySQL Migration, because I like the ‘war stories’. (I would not have been surprised if he’d said “…and then some alligators tried to eat us!”) Denish Patel’s lightning talk was hilarious, and I am looking forward to messing around with the pg_stat_plans extension Greg Smith & Peter Geoghegen discussed during Query Logging and Workload Analysis.

I was half-drafted/half-volunteered to be on the conference committee for next year. We’ll strive to uphold the fine level of conference to which you’ve become accustomed. (If you attended this year’s conference, don’t forget to fill out the survey!)

P.S. Thanks to Greg Smith for leveraging his frequent-flyer powers for good, and getting me on a different flight when I missed mine. This really shows the “community” part of the Postgres Community.


One Comment to “PgOpen Recap”

  1. This was my first PG Open, and my first real foray into the community, and I must say I agree completely! The people were fantastic, and I learned a TON. Highlights for me… John Scott’s Critical Messaging talk, & This is PostGIS. Wish I could have heard your talk, too (but Dan Scott’s Full-text search was really enlightening)!

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