Ubuntu + wine + ADE + nook + library2go

by gorthx

I’m pre-empting my promised posting about Cisco SLA syslog messages (it was a bit of a disappointment, anyway) to post the steps I took to get my nook to download a book from library2go [1].

I had to try a bunch of different things (links at the bottom) to get this to work. The basic procedure is:
– Install Wine (the windows emulator).
– Install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) under Wine.
– Configure Wine so ADE can see your nook.
– Visit the library2go website & check out your chosen reading material; it downloads as a .ascm file.
– Open the .ascm file with ADE; you can read it in ADE if you want (ew)
– Use ADE to transfer the book to your nook.

Versions info:
Ubuntu 10.10
Wine 1.2.2
nook Simple Touch

OK, let’s get going. I’d already registered my nook with B&N, so if you haven’t taken care of that yet, do so.

Install Wine; I just used the Synaptic gui.

Then go get the installer for ADE: http://helpx.adobe.com/digital-editions/kb/cant-install-digital-editions.html. Under “Manually install”, right-click->save the link to download the setup.exe file. I saved mine in /home/gabrielle/wine/drive_c.

From a terminal, go to whereever you saved your file & run it with wine:

cd /home/gabrielle/wine/drive_c
wine setup.exe

Presuming that went well, ADE is now installed. You may want to set up an Adobe account (http://www.adobe.com/go/getadobeid_en) in order to have your content more “available”.

Now, let’s make sure ADE can see your nook. We’re going to add it as a floppy drive. Your nook should be connected to your computer with the USB cable and powered up when you do this.
– Close ADE, and open your wine config file (Applications -> Wine -> Configure Wine)
– Click the “Drives” tab
– Click “Show Advanced” (you need to do this before you try to add the drive.)
– Click “Add” & choose a drive letter.
– Under “Path”, put the mount point for your nook. Mine is /media/NOOK. You should be able to find out yours with Nautilus.
– Under “Type”, select “Floppy Disk”.
– Click “Apply” and “OK”.

Fire ADE up again. ADE should detect your nook and display the “Device Setup Assistant”. From here it’s one-click authorization with your Adobe account. (I’m not sure what happens if you don’t have an Adobe account.) Your nook will now be listed in the left-hand pane at the bottom of the “bookshelves” list.

That’s the end of the setup! Now we’re ready to go check out some library materials. My county library is a member of this library2go thing (I’ll save the discussion of proprietary systems with taxpayer dollars for later), and you can browse titles here: http://library2go.lib.overdrive.com/ [2].

Checkout is pretty self-explanatory; just use whatever credentials your library told you to use. It’ll download a file with a .ascm extension. For example, I checked out Hand of Chaos and got a file named HandsofChaos[stringofnumbers].ascm. Right-click this file and choose “Open with Adobe Digital Editions”. That will import the book into ADE (could take a few minutes). From there, drag-&-drop onto your nook. Eject your nook & go read!


1 – Haha, the library said I couldn’t do this with Linux.
2 – Which is one slow-ass site. And the search feature returns seemingly random results most times. :P

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