My picks for PgOpen

by gorthx

Postgres Open is coming up this week! Here are the talks I want to check out:

I’m heading to Fast Read Scaling with repmgr first. While I’m not personally using replication at the moment, it never hurts to be prepared.

“How to migrate from Oracle to Postgres” has come up a lot lately at PDXPUG, so I’m interested in the “pinch of sarcasm” talk on Why You Should Not Move Away From Oracle.

I’ve heard Honey I Shrunk the Database is an excellent talk, and I’m curious to see how somebody else has solved the problem of creating appropriate test data.

In the immediately-after-lunch slot, I can’t decide between Billing System for a Telco and Identifying Slow Queries and Fixing Them.

…after that is my own logging talk, which I should probably attend, then a short break and I’ll finish out the day with PostgreSQL 9.1 Grand Tour.

Even though I could probably see Get Your Preferred Feature Developed in Portland, Wheeler is one of my favorite speakers. I’m going anyway.

I keep missing MVCC Unmasked, a mistake I don’t intend to repeat with Unlocking the Postgres Lock Manager.

Measuring Scalability and Performance with TCP looks intriguing.

Rob Treat always has good war stories, so Managing Databases in a DevOps Environment is next on the list.

I am super-excited about PL/R – I didn’t even know R was available as a procedural lang for Pg!

Last up, PostgreSQL at Urban Airship.

Other things I hope to squeeze in: an errand for my sister at Lyon & Healy, a stop at Fishman’s, and hopefully some kayaking and biking along the waterfront.

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