Bacon waffles part II.

by gorthx

yeast-raised waffle batter
maple bacon from Deck Family Farm
belgian waffle iron

Note that I am changing two variables at once (the batter and the bacon source). The bacon was fattier than what I usually end up with from Deck, so I figure that makes my divergence from good scientific practice ok. (Is there a way to measure percentage of fat in a package of bacon? I need to figure that out.)

We made them the same way as last time: laying the bacon across the waffle batter.

The results: The maple bacon gives these extra-amazing flavor. The bad news: even the yeast-raised batter, which makes a waffle with a crispy crust and an airy interior, couldn’t hold up to the bacon grease, and they pretty much collapsed when we took them out of the iron. If you are a crispy bacon fan (as is our official tester) this isn’t going to work for you as a breakfast dish. Late night after-pub fare, sure. Again: you need to eat these immediately after they come out of the waffle iron.

Quote from our Official Taste Tester: “Hm, I dunno…it’s a bit much. … OK, yeah, this is basically crack.”

Next time I think I’ll try putting the bacon on the waffle iron first; perhaps that will preserve the structural integrity of the waffle.

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