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28 July, 2010

Contributing to the PostgreSQL Documentation

by gorthx

Sign up to be a proofreader:

Or just submit fixes as you find them.

References for building the docs:

To build the PostgreSQL docs on Ubuntu, I had to install the following packages* additional to my base install:
– docbook
– docbook-utils (contains the script)
– jade

Build the html docs from your top-level pg source dir:
./configure [options]
make html

…make is actually gmake on ubuntu.

This puts the html doc files in /path/to/pg_src/doc/src/sgml/html; view them with your favorite browser.

Make corrections on the sgml source files in /path/to/pg_src/doc/src/sgml; `make html` to re-generate the html docs.

I work with a git repo. Here’s how I create a patch:
git format-patch [id of version I want to patch]
The id is usually the version prior to my most recent commit.

*next time:
apt-get build-dep postgresql-doc
should pull down the packages needed to build the docs. Keep in mind this is going to pull the build requirements for the packaged version, which may not be the one you want (e.g., if the build requirements changed between versions; but this is unlikely).