das keyboard

by gorthx

My beloved and yet much-abused Model M keyboard has been on its last legs (or springs) for a while now. I really need that esc key, and the left bracket, and the space bar, and the letter “m”, and so on…knowing my love for the clickety-clack, a friend recommended I replace it with one of these.

It is indeed very clicky, but it’s more of a light ticking sound than a deep thud like the M. You’ll wake up somebody in the next room, but not the neighbors. Unlike the M, it will not double as a personal defense device. But whooo boy, can I type fast, fast, fast on this thing. Sorta like driving a sports car for the first time, when the rear end cuts loose going around the corners.

Bonus: no markings on the keys means other people are afraid to use your computer.

Bottom line: I would definitely purchase one of these again. (But I sure hope it lasts over a decade like my M.)

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