PDX.pm meeting notes

by gorthx

Jeff (aka @duckyd) gave a presentation about CPAN Awesomeness at last night’s pdx.pm.

Slides are on github!  Your homework is to find them. :)  Here are some highlights.

There are over 16K modules on the CPAN as of 11 Oct 2009.  Wow.

Jeff’s recommended changes from the default cpan shell configuration:
– auto_commit 1
– prerequisites_policy follow
– build_requires_install_policy yes
– prefer_installer MB (Module::Build)
– change your make_install_make_command and mbuild_install_mbuild_command to include your sudo command.

Spend 10 minutes & give something back to CPAN every time you install a module:  Simply set up CPAN::Reporter!

– make sure that you set cc_author to ‘no’.  (In the latest version, that’s the default.)
– set it to prompt you to edit/send the report if the tests fail.  This way you can judge if the failure is due to your own
– you can set the transport value to a file to run reports without sending them.
– for help:  perldoc CPAN::Reporter::Config

For automatic continuous testing, set up CPAN::Reporter::Smoker.  (Doesn’t actually install anything, justs runs tests.)

– don’t run it as root;  you are the canary in the coal mine.
– create a dedicated user that has essentially no privs on your machine.
– run it on a separate Perl install (core modules only).
– this is a cool place to use that RAND option for prefer_installer in CPAN.

Another cool tip that I REALLY DIG because I have systems with multiple perls & users associated with them:
Set your shebang line to:

#!/usr/bin/env perl

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