My picks for PgWest

by gorthx

(I’ll be missing Friday’s tutorials.)

9am:  Jeff Davis:  PostgreSQL, Extensible to the Nth Degree.  Jeff’s talks usually melt my brain, and I like that.
10:15:  Conference Keynote.
11:30am:  Mark Wong: pg_proctab.  Turns out I’m giving this talk with Mark, even though my name’s not on the schedule.  I should probably show up.
1:45pm:  Scott Bailey:  Temporal Data or Magnus Hagander:  Secure PostgreSQL Deployment.  There will be a coin toss.
3:00pm:  Kevin Kempter:  Backup and Recovery.  There’s always something else to learn about this topic.
4:00pm:  Bill Karwin:  Practical Full-text Search.

9:00am:  Aaron Sheldon:  XML Data Warehousing.
10:15am:  David Fetter:  Lists and Recursion and Trees (Oh, My!)  I want to learn about Windowing functions, new with 8.4
11:15am:  Matt Smiley:  Basic Query Tuning Primer.  Another topic I could stand to learn more about.
1:30pm:  Tossup between David Wheeler:  pgTAP Unit Testing Best Practices and Josh Berkus:  5 Steps to PostgreSQL Performance.  I’ll probably go to Berkus’s talk because Wheeler is a sport about repeating his talks for PDXPUG.

Other fun stuff:

The Hacker lounge will be open for two days of geekery:  7:30 am – 4:30pm Saturday, and 9-4 on Sunday.
EnterpriseDB has stepped up to provide entertainment after the Saturday sessions.
I haven’t heard if there are Lightning Talks, but I have a couple of ideas for one.  You should too.

See you there!

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