Betcha can’t eat just one.

by gorthx

Talks I’m planning on attending at Open Source Bridge:

Open Source on the Farm – to see where I can help out.

Work for the Government for Fun and Profit – I used to work for the feds & it was definitely fun. Plus, I want to hear what Ms Bryant’s been up to lately.

Drop ACID and think about data – to expand my horizons.

Ask Forgiveness not Permission – Uhm, just in case I need to do this. :cough:

CodeIgniter As Drinking Game – I don’t think I need to state why I’m going to this one. (Seriously though, @christiekoehler gave a talk on this recently, and I am interested in CodeIgnitor.)

Assholes are killing your project – this is actually happening in one of my non-F/LOSS projects. I need some tools to cope, and to help me make a decision.

Faking It Til I Make It: A Woman On The Fringe Of Open Source – I want to hear what @ubergeeke has to say about this.

Open Source Development – The Dark Side – this looks like it’ll be funny. It’s good to be able to laugh at yourself.

Remember Tcl/ Tk? Grandpa might be old, but he can still kick your ass! – I still use Expect, built on Tcl/Tk. It rocks.

Others I recommend:
Is the Web Down? – This will be informative *and* entertaining, guaranteed.

Advanced Git tutorial: Not your average VCS. – I’ve seen this already & it’s awesome. This is what really built a fire under me & got me using git.

Unit Test Your Database! – I just started tinkering with PgTAP; looks like an excellent tool.


3 Responses to “Betcha can’t eat just one.”

  1. Good to hear you’re excited about my assholes talk! Anything in particular you’d like to hear about? Tell me more about your problem — in private, if that helps.


  2. It’s a bit too late at this point, unfortunately. :( I’ll catch up with you at the conference!


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