Book Review: The Manga Guide to Databases

by gorthx

Everybody’s reading it!

I admit, I was skeptical at first. But, The Manga Guide to Databases is not just a lightweight illustrated treatment of RDBMSs. Detailed text follows each chapter in the story of Princess Ruruna and her servant Cain as they attempt to bring order to the chaos of the Kingdom of Koa’s fruit export business. Don’t skip those text sections, there’s additional info in there (I learned something new: the definitions of DDL, DML, and DCL as types of SQL queries) and the study questions are relevant to the material. I like that the book covers different data models, and includes a discussion of some relational operations. The explanations of transactions and ACID principles were very concise & clear. My only complaint is the somewhat confusing explanation of joins.

This book gets bonus points for having a thorough index and a “frequently used SQL statements” cheat sheet.

Bottom line: Entertaining yet educational.

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