hiberfil.sys conflict with partitioning

by gorthx

(Some notes from my initial install of Ubuntu, backdated so they’re in the correct place.)

When attempting to install Ubuntu (Hardy Heron) on my laptop, I couldn’t get past the partitioning step: I’d get “Partman failed with exit code 10” or “Summary failed with exit code 141”. Apparently windows hibernation mode can cause some conflicts with partitioning…ugh. [That windows partition came in handy later though; I’m glad I didn’t delete it.]

To fix:
– in windows, disable hibernation mode to delete hiberfil.sys.
– reboot & make sure it’s gone. ;)
– defrag C:
– run chkdsk on C: (required a reboot; chkdsk ran at reboot)
– run chkdsk on C: a second time (annoying!)
– boot from Ubuntu CD & install.


Link to Ubuntu LTT page for this laptop

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